50 Ways in 50 days! Working together for good!

    Our congregation is filled with talented, faithful people who use their gifts in a variety of ways for the kingdom of God and the benefit of our community. Each year around this time, I write to tell you about all of the exciting ministries we have at St. Mark’s. Of course my hope is always that you will see or hear something that will spark your interest or inspire you to get involved in a new way.

    But this year, we will also be sharing these stories with you so you might get a glimpse of the larger impact our congregation has on both its' members and the community at large.  This year "Loyalty Sunday" is November 3rd, 2019.  For 50 days leading up to it we will send you a story about a guild, or ministry or committee doing great work at St. Mark's.  Some you may know well, some may be completely new to you, but each one is only able to do their work because of the generosity of our congregation.

     I hope these stories will inspire and inform your prayerful consideration of your financial pledge to St. Mark's for 2020.  These are exciting days! And as always, I would love to help you find a place to use your gifts in our little corner of the Kingdom of God. I look forward to seeing you all in Church!

The Very Rev. Stephen Kidd, Rector

Phone: 228-896-7597

Emergency: 228-731-4085

11322 W. Taylor Rd. Gulfport, MS 39507

(Corner of Lorainne Cowan & Taylor Rd.)

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